Friday, 28 October 2016

Ion Dissonance - Cast The First Stone Review

Hailing from Quebec Ion Dissonance are Extreme Mathcore Metal supremo's who as you'd expect incorporate dissonant tuning, syncopated drumming along with varied, unexpected time signatures but with their own distinct brand of energy and agression to create a anarchic symphony of destruction.

On 18 November they're unleashing Cast The First Stone into the world and we at Behind The Beat Music Blog care enough about your personal aural preservation to prepare you for this monumental event.

Cast The First Stone

Ion Dissonance cast the first stone (I'm here all week) with Burdens which smacks you straight in the flaps with its psycho-chaotic abbrasiveness. Any sign of melody has the vocal cutting through it unsympathetically, like the bad guy you secretly want to win. It's really well performed extreme and technical metal and leaves you under no illusions as to what your going to get with this album, a fucking good bludgeoning!

The track To Expiate sounds like someone pissed on Sikth's chips and they decided to write a song about it. Even the melodic parts are dissonant, and this works so well, again the intensity has continued. With the pace of the album so far I'm starting to wonder if these guys have a defibrillator offstage to give them a quick jump start between tracks. And it's exciting, angry and interesting to listen to.

To Lift The Dead Hand Of The Past blows my mind. It has everything for me that I'd want. The vocals are gutteral and relentless, it has some incredible, almost jazz like in parts, guitar work which is something to behold from the chugs to the melodic lead lines. I realise at this point, this is more than just a good Mathcore release, but something that could stand up there shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Sikth (you may never hear me say that again) and Meshuggah.

Suffering...The Art Of Letting Go provides an element if groove and more normal structure which is a nice break from the joyous chaos in the album. Its also an absolutely storming track that I found myself involuntarily head banging to all the way through.

D.A.B.D.A A State Of Decomposure in parts has the deep satisfying heavyness of Meshuggah but with Ion Dissonance's personalised machine gun delivery. This track is, simply, epic and note for note, it's my favourite on the album and I can see this being a fan favourite as it hits every mark, including a slow jazzy breakdown, providing the perfect opportunity for their lead singer to get his defibrillator action stage left.

The album is seen out the same way it came in with Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task. Whilst it maintains intensity it has an almost orchestral feel with some of the guitar work which makes the track seem to fly by as you really get into it. A great end to a great album.


This is an album that not only improves as each track goes by but improves also with every listen. You can only sit back and admire the pure skill in musicianship and composition, and as far as Extreme Metal and Mathcore metal goes, personally for my taste, I've not heard many better albums.

Score 4.5/5

Label: Good Fight Music

Ion Dissonance Are:
Kevin - Vocals
Antoine - Guitar
Sebastian - Guitar
Jean-Francois - Drums
Dominic -Bass

Track List:
1. Burdens
2. The Truth Will Set You Free
3. To Expiate
4. To Lift The Dead Hand of The Past
5. Untitled II
6. Suffering: The Art Of Letting Go
7. Ill Will
8. D.A.B.D.A State of Discomposure
9. Treading on Thin Ice
10. Virtue
11. Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task

Released 18 Nov, Pre order on Bandcamp/Amazon (US)/Itunes

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Author: Jonny Radley

Monday, 24 October 2016

Headless Kross - Projections I Review

Headless Kross formed in Scotland in 2011. They are a Psychedelic Doom band who use an unearthly vocal style along with a satisfyingly fuzzy bass and heavy as a wrecking ball in your crotch guitar sound. We’ve been sent their new Album, Projections I, the first part of a pretty exciting trilogy of releases, all due out within the next 12 months, to review. You’ll be able to get your filthy hands on this instalment on 18th November.

Now let’s not fuck around here, these guys have shared the stage with the likes of Conan, Orange Goblin, Jucifer and Slomatics, and you don’t get to do that if you’ve got nothing going on! They’ve already shattered a few eardrums and expectations with their second full length album Volumes in 2015, so many will be interested to see how Projections 1 fares.

Projections I

From the opening notes of Does Not Equal Time I’m enthralled. Straight away it is heavy and sublimely Doom, with a neck cranking groove. The distant scream vocal adds to the atmosphere as musically it chugs along, satisfyingly low tempo and fuzzily. Then halfway through the speed is increased in a hypnotising repetition of riff, where the drum beat is the only thing that changes, adding an underlying intensity, then slowness, then intensity again. The Drum work single handedly changes the mood of the track whilst everything else stays the same and I find it so effective in terms of song writing. This is a composition that draws you in and allows you to lose yourself, something only great Doom metal bands achieve.

Practical Mental Effects introduces itself with layers of feedback and a gut-wrenching scream, an indication as to what you’re going to hear vocally for the remainder of the song. It is so slow, it makes a sloth look like Usain Bolt, but this adds to the intensity of the heaviness, a few surprises are thrown in in terms of notes, which work well to peak your attention. Again, Headless Kross show a propensity to create interesting sound, when later in the track a spacey solo comes in creating a glorious few moments that alone are worth the 8 minutes this track weighs in at.

In comes the frankly haunting introduction of Church Of The Fifth Season. When the guitar riff comes in some of my uneasiness (like watching a good horror) is lifted, it’s not deep and heavy like we’ve heard so far, but more proggy, psychadelic and epic. Whilst the track does regain the plodding heaviness this track shows more diversity in sound than the previous two tracks. Nothing like keeping things interesting, it’s well placed on the album.

The Map Is Not The Territory has a bluesy, sludgy groove. Sexton’s intense screamed vocal cuts through the proceedings like an eerie, devilish augmentation. When the track starts chugging we get to enjoy some understated blues lines, again making me appreciate the composers’ ability to add so much intrigue with little touches, before the song fades out into a fuzz or bass and guitar, which seems like a fitting end to this album.


This album is grim, abrasive, fascinating, joyous, slooooooow, monolithically heavy and epic all at once. I’m already salivating like a fat man waiting for pizza at the thought of what Projections 2 and 3 are going to bring. But concentrating on this release, the tracks draw you in to the point you’re fully involved in the music, captured in the sublime heaviness and almost hypnotic vocal that you feel may possess your soul. I was genuinely shocked when I sat down and looked at the timings of the songs, that not one of the tracks is less than 8 minutes, such is the level you get involved when listening.

Score 4/5

Headless Kross is: 
Derek Sexton – Bass /Vocals 
Tommy Duffin – Guitar 
Jonny Montgomery - Drums

The album will be available via their Bandcamp page, so you may as well visit now and Download their back catalogue.

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By Jonny Radley

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Throne To The Wolves - Unholiest Of Kings

When Metal and Hardcore finally hooked up after all the playground "I'll act like I hate you because I fancy you" shit, there was a night of despicable passion that resulted in the conception of Metalcore, the great divider.

I'm basically of the school, if it's good it's good. I'm disinterested in the whole "this is what Emo scene kids listened too" b.s as I never paid attention to all that anyway. My personal belief about the genre is though is that it's moved on a long way from those days. And Throne To The Wolves are a decent example of this belief.

They are a metalcore band based in Toronto, Canada and their EP Unholiest of Kings was released in August.

Unholiest of Kings

Opening with the energetic Fear the Faceless, they get right into the nitty gritty with this high energy track full of pace and aggression with a group shout style chorus perfect for fan participation. It's heavy and relentless but it saves its heaviest section for the end with the obligatory Metalcore breakdown to get every one moving, and when you hear this, you wanna move.

Hellraiser has a hint of groove to it which goes down well with me. I realise at this point also that I realise how much the vocals of Billy Hulcup please me, this fellow can howl with the best of them and is capable of some pits of hell style screams. A great choice for the first single.

Bite The Bullet is next up and is a bit more what I would consider to be traditional Metalcore, with a dual clean and heavy vocal. Its a decent track however what comes next really made me pop my head up and take notice...

Every Lit Match (Another Bridge Burned) is a window into the brilliance Throne Of Wolves are capable of. From the start of its eerie intro to the outro it's a balls to the wall thunderbastard, and that in my language is good. High energy, heavy as hell, it's an absolute stomper made to get in the pit for.

Calm Before the Storm brings is back to what I'd consider a standard Metalcore sound, but with some nice little touches, such as a little programmed drum n bass part, not overdone but a nice enhancement which shows the attention to detail in composition. It ends with a great suspense building breakdown before giving you a parting kick in the gut with that brilliant vocal and a heavy riff.


This is a really enjoyable listen. To me it has enough to satisfy the metal heads and Metalcore fans alike. It's got some great little understated touches throughout in terms of programmed sounds but also carries strong musicianship and an excellent vocal.

Score 4/5

Highlights: Hellraiser, Every Lit Match (Another Bridge Burned)

Buy it (less than £3!)

Throne To The Wolves are;
Billy Hulcup - Vocals
Cody McGhee - Drums
James Fyvie and Kyle Jennings - Guitar
Joe Shipton - Bass

Article by Jonny Radley

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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Introducing.......The Last Confidence

The rain's coming down at the usual rate in glorious Manchester as I am once again nursing an absolute mind fuck of a hangover, sipping on a bucket of black lava, getting ready to start the day. So I hit the YouTube button in the search of 'The Last Confidence' and give the existing world the big middle finger as I slip into a headphone coma! 

You know when you're sat there and you think to yourself 'I want something solid, some real pop punk!' Well guess what, these guys are it!! Signed to Loserkid Records and a few videos on tube, welcome to The Last Confidence!

Four dudes making Italy proud in the music industry and standing up strong like a teenage erection on a Summer's day! 

You've got Marco and Christiano both on vox and string tickling, Diego skin smasher and Helio string slapper.

I started talking to Diego over social media as we shared a love for a 'Famous' brand out there and he told me about his band. Now I get a few people who say 'Hey dude, check this band out' but never before have I been so grateful that these guys shared what they had with me!

I checked out the YouTube video for 
'Before the Day I Die' and I was instantly drawn in! Movie theatre, pizza and laid back vibes! Instantly I hear influences of NFG and 'The Starting Line' being played by dudes who look like the surf has just pulled them in and shit them out! It was beautiful! Punchy riffs flowing fluid bassline and a beat that instantly made me wanna throw some shapes that don't even exist and that the owner of the coffee shop I'm currently sat in would judge me for! I wanted more, so much more! So I moved onto the next video

'Miss a moment'
Now if I'm being honest I'm not a fan of lyric videos mainly because my brain is lazier than my ears but........this works! It's cleverly done and not lazy in the slightest, and aesthetically pleasing as it suits the style of the song! College lettering and diary pages with a song so hormonal I was expecting to discover a crusty sock. A chorus that I'm sure will have many fans singing in front of the band as well as dudes and chicks singing to each other at the barrier of the show! I personally would put this on a mix tape......or a playlist as it is in this day and age! I mean what happened to the mix tape?

It really seems that these dudes have found their own sound without falling away from what they want to sound like! You can easily spot the influences of bands such as Blink 182, NFG, The Starting Line, Hit the Lights and the rest of 2002. 

I for one will be listening to these guys for as long as they let me.

Be sure to check out the EP 'Best Break' on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp now!

Stay tuned for a full review of the EP very soon, dudes stay pretty you handsome sons of a bitch.

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Author: Jimmy Tinsley

Sunday, 16 October 2016

Introducing..... Reign of Zaius

The world's future is bleak. In just under 2,000 years, when highly evolved Apes have replaced humans as the big dogs, the world will be on it's last legs.

How do I know this?

Beacuse I listen to Reign of Zaius and they are here to warn us.

They proclaim to be renegade Ape scientists who have travelled back from the almost destroyed Earth to warn us of the horrors and doom we are leading ourselves into.

Well that was the plan, until a spliff was smoked. Then they ascended into the world of fuzzy stoner rock and instead geeked out on horror, comics and video games. And this is what we're left with.

Our future is fucking doomed, and it's their fault. Luckily they play some good shit, so I'm already over it.

Planet Of....

Reign of Zaius released their EP, Planet Of... on 13 August. It is brimming with sci-fi, horror references, such as all out stomper Deliver Me, that starts with that epic sequence played by the banjo boy in Deliverance.

Davis Zaius (Bass): "There's been a general pop-culture theme to the band, going back to its very name. Most of our songs focus in some way on comic books, video games, sci-fi, fantasy, and of course horror. Just like the best sci-fi or horror movies, we like to touch on big, serious themes but keep them cloaked in something a little more light hearted."

Gorilla Monsoon (Drums): "If you're into heavy, dark music odds are you're probably drawn to the same type of things in TV, cinema, or literature. Personally, I like the challenge of taking something perceived as vile or chilling and making it not just palatable, but catchy. "Farewell to Arms" (our tribute to Evil Dead 2) has a four-on-the-floor dance bridge in the interest of seeing how to make chants of "Dead By Dawn" and "I'll Swallow Your Soul" work as hooks. "

There is a plethora of catchy hooks and tracks on this EP but they also show off a great range of styles, incorporating aspects of thrash, hard rock, heavy metal into their Stoner Rock cauldron, which makes them stand out as original.

Phantom Cosmonaut (Guitar): "One of the real strengths of this band is that everyone is coming from a slightly different direction, style-wise. That makes the end result something unique and usually difficult to categorise."

Davis Zaius: "We come at a song in terms of what feels right for everyone in the band, and what we think will move the crowd at a live show. We often try to make the unusual or unexpected choice, especially where the rhythm section is concerned, without delving too far into self-indulgent prog rock. A song can be complicated, but it's got to stay groovy."

Leon "Space" Chase (Vocals): "So, most of what you hear is the unconscious product of five different people's tastes and tones smashing into each other, and just seeing what sticks."

Imagine if you will, a stoner rock band with triple threat vocals of Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie and Dave Mustaine! Catchy opening track Hate Parade made me think of this very scenario and it works well. I asked the band members where their vocal influences come from, comparing the performance to a couple of these artists, and it's a wide and varied set of singers.

Leon "Space" Chase: "While neither of those was my intention, I'll take them both as a huge compliment. I would add Arthur Brown (Uk 60's pop star), Rob Tyner (MC5)".

Davis Zaius: "Mike Patton!" (Faith No More)

Leon "Space" Chase: "Also, Perry Farrell (Jane's Addiction), and of course Ozzy".

Orcs of the Nevermead sounds like a track that could have been written by the aforementioned Dave Mustaine for Megadeth back in the days where he may not have taken him self so seriously. Full of thrashy intent but not quite heavy enough to be thrash, I'd think it'd be a crowd pleaser live.

Tracks like Out to Get Mine and Power Hitter give bassist Davis Zaius a nice stage to show his creativity and ability to create interesting sounds. Out To Get Mine starts with a distorted bass and a dirty ground out guitar riff. It opens up nicely into more catchy riffs, nice solos and good breakdowns. Powerhitter has some effective effects on the bass in parts. It is also a 100% party track which closes the EP on a high note.

Reign of Zaius also give a nice sonic nod to the bringers of doom, Sabbath, in They Live and Farewell To Arms. They Live also has a hint of punk in the chorus and Dead by Dawn is blessed with a splattering if classic metal and opens with the classic line from the film of the same name, "I came here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, but I'm all out of bubblegum". Upon hearing this my 3 year old immediately stated she wanted to go to wherever "here" is because it sounds fun. I checked with the guys but I think I'll be keeping her away for now!

Gorilla Monsoon: "I dunno, a busy bank with aliens and a shotgun-brandishing Roddy Piper might get a little dicey, but you're the parent so that's entirely at your discretion."

Leon "Space" Chase: "Still, I think that the average 3-year-old is probably very in tune with what we do."

Davis Zaius: "Quite."

Power Hitters

There is a lot on show with this band. The EP captures a very authentic live feel. If there was spoken pieces in between each track from members of the band (I'd like to imagine some comical warning against some flesh eating cyber virus due to bit us in the year 2134) I may have thought at times it was recorded at a gig.

Creepy Mo (Guitar): "Our goal was to get a quick-and-dirty recording that showcases what we actually sound like together in a live room".

It is safe to say the goal was achieved successfully.

Take away the brilliant back story and good time vibe though and Reign of Zaius treat us too some real catchy hooks, an interesting and varied vocal and an occasional understanding from the guitarists that they can build some interesting layers of sound by going their own way. Finally I get a real punk ethos feel from the whole project, from the rough and ready sound to some of the delivery.

Who Are You and Where Do You Come From?

Reign of Zaius settled in Brooklyn New York after their arduous journey back through time. I tried to finally ask them if this was the epicentre of some important future event, but they told me to shut the fuck up because they were watching Ash Vs Evil Dead.

They Are;
Leon "Space" Chase on vocals,
Davis Zaius on bass,
Vlad the Inhaler (AKA Phantom Cosmonaut) and Creepy Mo on guitars and
Gorilla Monsoon on drums.

If you want to hear their music go here and get the EP.

If you want to follow them and have a laugh (they post some great stuff) check out Facebook and Twitter.

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Writer: Jonny Radley

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Wired For Havoc - Roll With The Punches. Album Review

So I'm currently sat here naked, why are you naked Jimmy? I hear you all ask. Well, let me tell you!

After having a little chat with the guys at Manic Kat records they hit me up on a band called Wired For Havoc. These guys released a full length album on Friday and dude was I keen to hear it! 

Who are they? Well they're a 5 piece from Provo, Utah consisting of;

Andrew Connor- Vocals 
Chase Gerber- Guitar
Devin White- Guitar
Houston Peterson- Bass/Vocals
Sean Michael Gordon- Drums.

They're signed to Manic Kat Records .

I tuned into my trusty Apple Music, searched, and there it was..

Roll With The Punches

The cover shows some Abraham from the Walking Dead lookalike dude, looking as though he's gonna rip your face off and wear it for Halloween. Now I like my face (as I'm sure many of you are starting to notice) but I was willing to take the risk of losing it for the sake of this record. 

I hit play and as I sat back and my clothes just flew off! That is why I am sat here naked. So boys and girls, hold onto your panties because this one is a whirlwind!

The album starts off with Vagabond.
The gateway drug of the album for sure, providing an awesome balance of angelic vocal to the 'I've just been punched in the dick' growl that we all know and love! This track really does set the tone perfectly for what's to come. The next track that really grabs me by the balls is 

The next track that really grabbed me by the balls was Patience. Dude I could already picture myself in a club signing to the DJ whilst punching the air pretending I'm giving the world the best performance of the night. I can really hear some A Day To Remember in this track both musically and vocally. There's a cute little breakdown which throws you right back into that 'dick punch' just to bring the track back in. 

Dis-order is hands down my favourite track on the album, I got so excited I could feel my dicks heartbeat! A real Of Mice and Men sound which for me is perfect! The guitar work is a beautiful dark chunder thunder of power and beats that come at you like a blizzard.

The track Diamonds has such a fitting name. This is both lyrically and musically beautiful. When I was younger we made super hot chicks mixtapes (I'm sure you've all heard of them, they're not just myth) so they would fall in love with us, or give us a blowie behind the bike sheds. This is one of those tracks, I would throw this one on my mix tape for sure. I swear my ears melted onto my shoulders.

Satellites is a great song to close the album with, it's got that Punk influence guitar wise, piercing through those dual vocals leaving no room for error. The track starts to wind down in an atmospheric euphoria that the boys in Brand New would be proud of.


This album for me is staying in my personal collection, I already get a feel for what they are going to be like live so I really hope we get the pleasure of seeing them over here. I best go put my clothes back on........

Score 4/5

Get it: iTunes/Spotify/Bandcamp 

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Friday, 14 October 2016

Skin Drone - Evocation

Skin Drone are an extreme metal duo who incorporate elements of tech metal, industrial and avant garde. Sound scary yet? Well it is, like Freddy Krueger is scary, it's exhilarating, fascinating and scary. (Yes that's how I feel about Krueger, best monster ever, deal with it). 

This noise is created by Erik Martin (vocals and multi-instrumentalist) and Otto Kinzel (multi-instrumentalist and production). What is particularly impressive is that they create this whilst living very far apart, one in Boston MA and one in Hot Springs Arizona. They don't sit in a room together jamming this out, it's done cross country.


Tracks such as Scarlet Road and God Complex don't hang about in telling us what this album is all about, with relentless double bass and technical heavy and in parts melodic guitar work.

Scarlet Road itself breaks down into a dark spoken interlude then it smacks you in the teeth again very quickly. Whilst extremely heavy the vocal is understandable, a great skill.  A second breakdown of ambience offset by the demonic vocal leads into my favourite heavy part of the track, which displays interchanging off riffs that are fat and heavy.

God Complex also has an atmospheric haunting section that leads into the best guitar riff of the track. Lyrically, to me, this track is interesting. My interpretation is that it is commenting on the tyranny and control of organised religion but it can just as easily be seen as addressing faceless corporations who control us through advertising and building a religion of consumerism. Deep I know, but I appreciate the way it gets you thinking, it's intelligently written.

Death Sentence whilst insanely heavy, is slightly more reserved and has elements that remind me of less underground acts such as Slipknot. Whilst Skin Drone would have the masked fellas running scared as a general rule, the riff work has its comparisons.

Shepard Of The Damned starts musically dark, moody and quiet with spoken vocal parts. It feels like mad ramblings and sounds in a murders mind. When I read the lyrics, it seems to portray a revenge killing, and this goes to show how well these guys paint a picture through music and vocal delivery. So far this is the most laid back track and it has a beautifully played guitar outro.

Ghost Reflection is a very nicely written airy light interlude, still slightly menacing but juxtaposed by the sounds of nature creating a relaxing feel, which is well timed on the so far intense offering.

But don't get too comfortable, City Lights opens up with a thrashy riff. This soon becomes and amalgamation of thrash and tech metal style guitar with the million mile and hour drum beats. Guitar wise some of the riff work is impressive on this track. A story of a man mutilating himself under the instruction of God reinforces the macabre subject matter throughout this album.

Witching Hour takes us back to the incredibly heavy side of life following the effective previous formula of including a breakdown, taking it a different direction within a breath.

Darkness Within throws in a nice surprise. It's a more straight industrial metal track in parts which holds back on the relentless drum speeds for the most part.

Salvation ends the album on an epic note weighing in at over 8 minutes. It is also by my favourite track. There is lots of elements on display, from magical programmed sounds, to straight heavy metal, to extreme metal. It also has my favourite drum work, with the bass drum having less speed and more form than in any other of the heavier tracks. This is a great way to see out the album.


This is one of the hardest albums I've had to give a score to, but I like a challenge.

At times the relentless heaviness of the bass drums was too much for me, especially when I heard the finesse of programming ability in tracks like Salvation. Having said that, for fans of extreme metal and/or industrial metal I don't believe it'd be a negative, and that is ultimately the target audience.

The album is well thought out in terms of track order, the softer tracks appear at the right time, to relieve some of the intensity. Whilst the tracks at times have a similar formula in terms of the mood driven spoken word break down but in terms of composition and delivery it has some incredible moments, I particularly enjoyed the sound scapes they create in some of the breakdowns which scope from sublime to sinister.

Finally the way the music supports the lyrical content in creating mental imagery is second to none.

This music is immensely heavy, busy, dark, tense, rage driven and almost psychotic. And this is exactly what fans of extreme metal want. So this is not a negative, in fact it delivers in droves.

This is their first album and they promise to get more complex and heavier! Now THAT I gotta see......

Highlights: God Complex, Salvation; Shepard Of The Damned

Score 3.8/5

Buy It

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Writer: Jonny Radley

Thursday, 13 October 2016

When Thieves Are About

So I'm sat in my local coffee shop with the strongest of dark lava after a pretty weird night soaking up all the boozy blues and I reach for my headphones. Nothing like some teenage angst Pop Punk anthems to put nautical stars in my eyes huh?!

I came across these guys in the same way as when you hook up with a hot girl and don't bag up ad then 9 months later you're being called daddy! and what a beautiful accident this was. A band that even though have a super following online were so humbled that I'd asked to cover them for my opener for this re branding. These guys deliver a new age tone to the 'Pop Punk scene' that would even keep the OG's at the back reminiscing about the 'good ol' days before arthritis kicked in.

Welcome to 'When Thieves Are About' 

Who are they? If you don't know then you soon will

When Thieves Are About are a quartet straight out of New Jersey and signed to label Manic Kat Records, they are; 

Alfredo Diaz (vocals/silky Rhythm master)
Ryan Struck (vocals/stringslapper)
Mike Green (fret fiddler)
Josh Smith (Skin destroyer)


It's time to see what 'When Thieves Are About' are actually about. Starting with the 2014 E.P called Senescence which was recorded at Guerrilla Recording, Highland Lakes NJ. It sounds like a summer BBQ vacation location with kegs and bikinis and you know what? It doesn't disappoint!

It's got all the elements of a beautiful record with the opening track of Wasting All Our Time which has a Death Dab For Cutie vocal to get the party started that kicks in to a full vocal performance with harmonies all over the place that blend together like a perfectly formed banana smoothie. A bass line that is so dirty ripping over the top of the sharp distortion and I'm already pulling out my diary to write the latest entry. The balance of youth and maturity on this track is beautifully captured and the growl in the vocal smacks you around the chops like a dominatrix with no safe word.

Do You Belong To The Physics Club? is an absolute power horse of a track lasting as long as I do in the sack. It's 1:12 (don't be intimidated ladies) of a 'this is what we can do' musical timeline from straight up Punk to Emo to Pop Punk power. The perfect blend of musicianship.

30 Stones is is an absolute beauty of a track and Celtic New Year shows some maturity in both musicianship and lyrics. The fast upbeat tempo filling the air with fist pumps and banging heads, Mohawks waving back and forth and the smell of dreadlocks lightly grazing on your nostrils before the perfectly timed breakdown that brings you back to earth again.

I for one love how this band make me feel, they are honest, grafting and clearly talented musicians and that for me shows on each and every track on this EP! Passion for me wins every time but when that passion can pull you out of a hangover and carries you onto the next party you've genuinely found your sound.

Chicks will be getting 'WTAA' tattooed on their ass very soon, right next to my name

EP Rating 4/5

Track Listing;
Wasting All Our Time
Do You Belong to Physics Club?
30 Stones
Hangin' With Michael Keaton
Welcome To November
Celtic New Year.

Get this on Bandcamp (Name your price)


Since releasing the EP  they have released the track Youth Decay and placed it into the ever growing world of digital download and let's not fuck about here it's beautiful. Imagine looking out o the window on an autumnal morning, Golden leaves on the ground, naked trees, a dampness that smells so sweet and a heartbreak that only YOU will understand.

The harmonies remind me of every NOFX track ever placed into our ears with a 'Taking Back Sunday' roar that rears its head on special occasions and a warmth of the Ataries and I won't lie I'm genuinely on my 20+ listen and I could keep going.

You'll find this on iTunes, Spotify and all over social media.

Rating 4/5


So before I introduced 'When Thieves are About' to my Mum I figured I should do a little bit of character referencing so I hit them with a Q&A session (Josh is now not allowed to meet my Mum) and this is what came back..........

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with music? 

Alfredo- Yes, I was about 6 years old and sitting in the car with my father. He pulled a tape out and said "do you want to hear the best band ever?" Popped in the tape and it was the Beatles- Come together. Moment I fell in love with my favorite band and music. 

Mike - "I've always hated music and continue to, to this day..."

Ryan – I remember really loving all kinds of music as a young kid, but when I heard Evil Empire by Rage Against the Machine, I knew I wanted to play bass.  When I heard Dookie by Green Day, I knew I wanted to play punk.

What do you think is the best song ever written and why?

Alfredo- God only Knows by The Beach Boys. Why? Because It just is  DAMNIT! lmao

Mike - "Music is subjective; it's dependent upon the experience and interpretation of it's listener. But, if I had to pick one, it would be Beethoven's fifth symphony. Does that count as a song?"

Ryan – I don’t know if it’s the “best song ever written,” but I firmly stand by Stone Temple Pilots’ “Interstate Love Song” as my favorite song ever.  Written in the best key for guitar (E Major, you can do so many fun things with open strings), the verses run down a chromatic scale from the minor key (one of my favorite things NOFX does in a lot of their songs as well), and it brings back such thick memories of being a happy kid in the town I grew up in.

If you could 'make love/fuck' any song what would it be and why?

Alfredo- The I love Lucy theme song on repeat because it's funny to me lol

Mike - "The Beltsville Crucible, by Thrice. It's just very self-aware. There is a lyric near the end, 'you've got to play it again,' which usually comes, right before, I play the song again. 

Ryan - It would most certainly be “Shimmy Shimmy Ya” by Ol’ Dirty Bastard.  Because I, too, like it raw.

What's your fondest childhood memory?

Alfredo- Winning tickets to see Blink 182/Alkaline Trio/Sum 41 off 92.3 k rock and while at the show I was all the way at the front and they had to pull me over the rail before the last song of blink because I was feeling sick. They pull me over the rail of the gate and started to puke. They took me to the back area to see how I'm doing and give me water. While waiting to be checked on, I met Tom Delong because he walked right up to me to see how I was feeling because he saw me puke Lololol. That rocked.

Mike - "I build a swing set myself, hung it from a tree in our front yard. Then my older sister cut it down. Too dangerous she said, seeming perturbed. She cared to ensure that I did not break my neck on the driveway! That was, so sweet, and unexpected."

Ryan– There are far too many.  I really enjoyed spending time with my grandparents.  My grandfather used to love listening to Sinatra and I just loved being with him listening to the music and being silly.  My grandmother used to let me stay up with her really really late, eating candy root beer barrels, as long as we watched stuff she liked, which was usually a medley of M*A*S*H, Murphy Brown, Cheers, and Golden Girls.

What would be your ultimate line up for a one night only gig Dead or Alive?

Alfredo- Wow... my dream would be to play with so many bands... would love to play with the Beatles of course also nirvana. Would love to play with Greenday, blink 182, NOFX, sum 41.

Mike - "There was a real show recently that came pretty close - The Descendants with Such Gold and Modern Baseball... Too bad it was one night only, and 3,000 miles away in San Francisco. I'd really like to bring back some dead metal musicians. I never got to see Pantera or Death, so both on the same show would be my pick." (Editor Jonny nods in approval). 

Ryan – I don’t care about any other band as long as Minor Threat is playing.  Or 1997 Wu-Tang.

Who gave you the best live experience?

Alfredo- To be honest, I've seen some great shows. It's Paul McCartney. His amazing at emotional level to me so that would be it, but Greenday is great, Leftover Crack is great too. Watching The Blood Brothers was an amazing time too. A Wilhelm Scream rules. Set your goals, Daggermouth, and Such Gold all great shows.

Mike - "Saturday night live."

Ryan – My first warped tour when I saw NOFX and they played “Reeko” amongst every other great song.

Who's your favourite Disney villain?

Alfredo- Captain Hook 


Ryan– I love Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Musical dream?

Alfredo-To make a living off of music.

Mike - "If one person's day is improved by hearing our music then that's good enough for me."

Ryan – It would be a dream to be able to make a living playing music every night without having to be away from my family for long periods of time.

Musical nightmare?

Alfredo- Losing the ability to play.

Mike - "My life."

Ryan – Being booked for a show with Leftover Crack on New Years Eve and showing up the jalopy they’re calling a “club,” only to find out that there, in fact, is no Leftover Crack playing.  Instead, you’ll be playing with a Hitler-youth band…and they bring 5 friends, the only 5 other people in the club….and they’re in the military, home on-leave….and when it’s finally your turn to play, you break a string.  The only other bassist in the building plays lefty, so he has to actually take his string off and lend it to you for the set.

What made you start a band, what was the driving force being it?

Alfredo- listening to the Beatles, Greenday, Blink182, nirvana were the driving forces that made me want to start this band. Also my family are really into music and that was a huge inspiration.

Mike - "I like playing music (which may be surprising given the last nine questions). My dad drives me, though. He wants to me to get "further" than he did musically -- whatever that means. It's not a dynamic I enjoy, but it does exist."

Ryan – I wanted to make the kinds of songs I liked listening to and spend time with my friends.  I also was 15 and really felt the need to wear all black and scream at the top of my lungs in front of people, as I was no longer a “happy kid in the town I grew up in.”

These guys have made a lasting impression on the Behind the Beat Team. Check them out....

Article by Jimmy Tinsley

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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Olde - Heavier Than A Dead Elephant

Olde, a band from the greater Toronto area, have a mission statement to fill your soundscape with crushing Doom metal. They sent me a copy of their recently released EP, Shallow Graves for me to see precisely how crushing they are!

Shallow Graves

Absurd Conditions opens the EP and smacks you between the eyes with wrecking ball heavyness. You're introduced to Doug McLarty's vocal which is a controlled growl that's delivered so well. An enjoyable track, and just at the point when I thought, this either needs to end or go somehere else, we get a nice lead guitar line to see out the song. A good straight Doom track.

When I first heard the next track, Endless, I was just pulling away with my daughter from a kids party in my car. When the riff started I shouted "that's fucking brilliant" much to the bemusement of my daughter and the parents leaving the party with their kids. I don't use swears in front of my girls, but like the brown note that makes you shit yourself; this was a natural reaction caused by the deep heavy southern tinged brilliance of this track. If she repeats it in front of my wife I'm sending her Olde's way. Simply brilliant track.

Limb from Limb is a heavy bluesy, rock n rolling cover of Motorhead. Lemmy may have been quite impressed by the vocal delivery on this, with McLarty's bluesy growl, different in style but carrying a similar attitude and grit the world loved Lemmy for. A fine cover that captures the Rock 'n' Roll of Motorhead, but keeps a clear Olde identity.

Olde then use final track, The Turning, to show their diversity, and it's good. Again immensely heavy, but with that it is also thoughtfully composed with some great riff work and a standout strong drum performance. Along with the usual formative Doom style they add pace in parts and musical ambience in others.


In terms of their promise of delivering crushing Doom, Olde succeed on all counts. It's as heavy as a dead elephant carrying Bill Gates' wallet. But there is still an emphasis on delivering great, listenable music. The riffs stay in your head long after you stop listening and the rythm section is on point throughout.

This is a very enjoyable EP and for less than £3 on Bandcamp it's a great addition to any Doom collection and worth a spin for all metal fans. I'll be treating myself to the CD version of this one for sure.

Score 4.5/5

Olde are:

Ryan Aubin - Drums
Doug McLarty - Vocals
Chris Hughes - Guitar
Greg Dawson - Guitar
Cory McCallum - Bass

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Writer: Jonny Radley

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Introducing.... Safeguard

Who the fuck are Safeguard?

Well guess what you're gonna find out!

A cheeky 4 piece pop punk outfit from the mean streets of York, UK. They are made up of Declan Gough on vocals, Martyn Marsh and Richard White of guitars and Zak Lonsdale on Bass. They are currently without a drummer.

These dudes have released a little teaser track on Bandcamp just to get us all a bit moist and to be fair I've got a feeling I'm gonna have to grab a mop!

I put together a little 'getting to know you' Q&A with some very important questions regarding who the band are as humans and the answers were golden....

Do you remember the first time you fell in love with music?

Declan: I remember the first music video I ever saw as a kid was 'Should I Stay or Should I Go' by The Clash and just thought they were so goddamn cool, after that music became part of my life. Even from like 6 years old, I would always sing and would like tap my foot along to songs, sometimes without even realising.

Zak: When my Dad used to drive me back to my Mum's and he'd play the American Idiot and Motörhead CDs in the car.

Martyn: My mum was in a Brass band so had music in my life from a very early age.

What do you think is the best song ever written and why?

D: Bohemian Rhapsody, bit of a generic answer I know but Jesus, what a song. The song has no chorus and is still unbelievable.

Z: Gonna have to be generic as hell and say Bohemian Rhapsody, it's just a flawless song.

M: Konstantine by Something Corporate. The feels.

If you could 'make love/fuck' any song what would it be and why?

D: Probably something by Marvin Gaye or Barry White, those songs just ooze sex.

Z: Probably anything by Taylor Swift, guilty pleasure for days

M: Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang

What's your fondest childhood memory?

D: Sitting around with absolutely no worries in the world stuffing my face watching Drake and Josh, Rugrats or Dexter's Laboratory, those were the days.

Z: My dad attempting to teach me guitar and losing interest after a week because I started very basic stuff on a terrible acoustic

What would be your ultimate line up for a one night only gig Dead or Alive?

D: Blink, Nirvana, Oasis.

Z: Blink 182 and Green Day circa 1999

M: Hit the Lights, Something Corporate and Blink 182 (with Tom)

Who gave you the best live experience?

D: Quite recently seeing Twenty One Pilots at Leeds Fest 2016, their live show literally blew me away.

Z: Red Hot Chilli Peppers

M: Weezer, Leeds fest 2010. Rivers Cuomo is a madhead.

Who's your favourite Disney villain?

D: Probably Scar from The Lion King.

Z: Sid from Toy story, he's my current hair inspiration

M: Randall off Monsters Inc. At first I thought it was John Cena because you cant see him.

Musical dream?

D: To be able to tour America with mates and amazing bands.

Z: Being massively recognised in the alt music scene

M: Play warped tour

Musical nightmare?

D: To never be able to tour America with mates and amazing bands.

Z: Being compared to 5SOS

M: Declan singing with an American accent.

What made you start a band, what was the driving force being it?

D: When I was a kid, I LOVED Busted and McFly (their songs were good ok). Listening to them and watching them play guitar and jump around made me want to learn guitar and be in bands. Then my first album I ever bought was Green Day's American Idiot and that was what got me into alternative music. My dad and cousins also played in live bands so I guess ever since I was young, I've wanted to be in a band.

Z: The want to have music I'd written and was proud of be recognised and enjoyed.

M: Doing something you love and sharing it with others who can take something from.

Finally we had to clear up the "Is a Jaffa Cake a biscuit or a cake?" debate. According to these guys the Jaffa cake is in fact a cake. Fuck the biscuit isle!

Check out Safeguard now. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter

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Article by James Tinsley