Saturday, 15 October 2016

Wired For Havoc - Roll With The Punches. Album Review

So I'm currently sat here naked, why are you naked Jimmy? I hear you all ask. Well, let me tell you!

After having a little chat with the guys at Manic Kat records they hit me up on a band called Wired For Havoc. These guys released a full length album on Friday and dude was I keen to hear it! 

Who are they? Well they're a 5 piece from Provo, Utah consisting of;

Andrew Connor- Vocals 
Chase Gerber- Guitar
Devin White- Guitar
Houston Peterson- Bass/Vocals
Sean Michael Gordon- Drums.

They're signed to Manic Kat Records .

I tuned into my trusty Apple Music, searched, and there it was..

Roll With The Punches

The cover shows some Abraham from the Walking Dead lookalike dude, looking as though he's gonna rip your face off and wear it for Halloween. Now I like my face (as I'm sure many of you are starting to notice) but I was willing to take the risk of losing it for the sake of this record. 

I hit play and as I sat back and my clothes just flew off! That is why I am sat here naked. So boys and girls, hold onto your panties because this one is a whirlwind!

The album starts off with Vagabond.
The gateway drug of the album for sure, providing an awesome balance of angelic vocal to the 'I've just been punched in the dick' growl that we all know and love! This track really does set the tone perfectly for what's to come. The next track that really grabs me by the balls is 

The next track that really grabbed me by the balls was Patience. Dude I could already picture myself in a club signing to the DJ whilst punching the air pretending I'm giving the world the best performance of the night. I can really hear some A Day To Remember in this track both musically and vocally. There's a cute little breakdown which throws you right back into that 'dick punch' just to bring the track back in. 

Dis-order is hands down my favourite track on the album, I got so excited I could feel my dicks heartbeat! A real Of Mice and Men sound which for me is perfect! The guitar work is a beautiful dark chunder thunder of power and beats that come at you like a blizzard.

The track Diamonds has such a fitting name. This is both lyrically and musically beautiful. When I was younger we made super hot chicks mixtapes (I'm sure you've all heard of them, they're not just myth) so they would fall in love with us, or give us a blowie behind the bike sheds. This is one of those tracks, I would throw this one on my mix tape for sure. I swear my ears melted onto my shoulders.

Satellites is a great song to close the album with, it's got that Punk influence guitar wise, piercing through those dual vocals leaving no room for error. The track starts to wind down in an atmospheric euphoria that the boys in Brand New would be proud of.


This album for me is staying in my personal collection, I already get a feel for what they are going to be like live so I really hope we get the pleasure of seeing them over here. I best go put my clothes back on........

Score 4/5

Get it: iTunes/Spotify/Bandcamp 

Follow Them: Facebook/Twitter/Instagram

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