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Ion Dissonance - Cast The First Stone Review

Hailing from Quebec Ion Dissonance are Extreme Mathcore Metal supremo's who as you'd expect incorporate dissonant tuning, syncopated drumming along with varied, unexpected time signatures but with their own distinct brand of energy and agression to create a anarchic symphony of destruction.

On 18 November they're unleashing Cast The First Stone into the world and we at Behind The Beat Music Blog care enough about your personal aural preservation to prepare you for this monumental event.

Cast The First Stone

Ion Dissonance cast the first stone (I'm here all week) with Burdens which smacks you straight in the flaps with its psycho-chaotic abbrasiveness. Any sign of melody has the vocal cutting through it unsympathetically, like the bad guy you secretly want to win. It's really well performed extreme and technical metal and leaves you under no illusions as to what your going to get with this album, a fucking good bludgeoning!

The track To Expiate sounds like someone pissed on Sikth's chips and they decided to write a song about it. Even the melodic parts are dissonant, and this works so well, again the intensity has continued. With the pace of the album so far I'm starting to wonder if these guys have a defibrillator offstage to give them a quick jump start between tracks. And it's exciting, angry and interesting to listen to.

To Lift The Dead Hand Of The Past blows my mind. It has everything for me that I'd want. The vocals are gutteral and relentless, it has some incredible, almost jazz like in parts, guitar work which is something to behold from the chugs to the melodic lead lines. I realise at this point, this is more than just a good Mathcore release, but something that could stand up there shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Sikth (you may never hear me say that again) and Meshuggah.

Suffering...The Art Of Letting Go provides an element if groove and more normal structure which is a nice break from the joyous chaos in the album. Its also an absolutely storming track that I found myself involuntarily head banging to all the way through.

D.A.B.D.A A State Of Decomposure in parts has the deep satisfying heavyness of Meshuggah but with Ion Dissonance's personalised machine gun delivery. This track is, simply, epic and note for note, it's my favourite on the album and I can see this being a fan favourite as it hits every mark, including a slow jazzy breakdown, providing the perfect opportunity for their lead singer to get his defibrillator action stage left.

The album is seen out the same way it came in with Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task. Whilst it maintains intensity it has an almost orchestral feel with some of the guitar work which makes the track seem to fly by as you really get into it. A great end to a great album.


This is an album that not only improves as each track goes by but improves also with every listen. You can only sit back and admire the pure skill in musicianship and composition, and as far as Extreme Metal and Mathcore metal goes, personally for my taste, I've not heard many better albums.

Score 4.5/5

Label: Good Fight Music

Ion Dissonance Are:
Kevin - Vocals
Antoine - Guitar
Sebastian - Guitar
Jean-Francois - Drums
Dominic -Bass

Track List:
1. Burdens
2. The Truth Will Set You Free
3. To Expiate
4. To Lift The Dead Hand of The Past
5. Untitled II
6. Suffering: The Art Of Letting Go
7. Ill Will
8. D.A.B.D.A State of Discomposure
9. Treading on Thin Ice
10. Virtue
11. Perpetually Doomed: The Sisyphean Task

Released 18 Nov, Pre order on Bandcamp/Amazon (US)/Itunes

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Author: Jonny Radley

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