Thursday, 20 October 2016

Introducing.......The Last Confidence

The rain's coming down at the usual rate in glorious Manchester as I am once again nursing an absolute mind fuck of a hangover, sipping on a bucket of black lava, getting ready to start the day. So I hit the YouTube button in the search of 'The Last Confidence' and give the existing world the big middle finger as I slip into a headphone coma! 

You know when you're sat there and you think to yourself 'I want something solid, some real pop punk!' Well guess what, these guys are it!! Signed to Loserkid Records and a few videos on tube, welcome to The Last Confidence!

Four dudes making Italy proud in the music industry and standing up strong like a teenage erection on a Summer's day! 

You've got Marco and Christiano both on vox and string tickling, Diego skin smasher and Helio string slapper.

I started talking to Diego over social media as we shared a love for a 'Famous' brand out there and he told me about his band. Now I get a few people who say 'Hey dude, check this band out' but never before have I been so grateful that these guys shared what they had with me!

I checked out the YouTube video for 
'Before the Day I Die' and I was instantly drawn in! Movie theatre, pizza and laid back vibes! Instantly I hear influences of NFG and 'The Starting Line' being played by dudes who look like the surf has just pulled them in and shit them out! It was beautiful! Punchy riffs flowing fluid bassline and a beat that instantly made me wanna throw some shapes that don't even exist and that the owner of the coffee shop I'm currently sat in would judge me for! I wanted more, so much more! So I moved onto the next video

'Miss a moment'
Now if I'm being honest I'm not a fan of lyric videos mainly because my brain is lazier than my ears but........this works! It's cleverly done and not lazy in the slightest, and aesthetically pleasing as it suits the style of the song! College lettering and diary pages with a song so hormonal I was expecting to discover a crusty sock. A chorus that I'm sure will have many fans singing in front of the band as well as dudes and chicks singing to each other at the barrier of the show! I personally would put this on a mix tape......or a playlist as it is in this day and age! I mean what happened to the mix tape?

It really seems that these dudes have found their own sound without falling away from what they want to sound like! You can easily spot the influences of bands such as Blink 182, NFG, The Starting Line, Hit the Lights and the rest of 2002. 

I for one will be listening to these guys for as long as they let me.

Be sure to check out the EP 'Best Break' on iTunes, Spotify and Bandcamp now!

Stay tuned for a full review of the EP very soon, dudes stay pretty you handsome sons of a bitch.

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Author: Jimmy Tinsley

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