Monday, 4 July 2016

Buffalo Theory MTL - Skeptic Knight

Who Are They?

They are Buffalo Theory MTL. The MTL is short for Montreal, their home town and also close to where I bought an Eel skin wallet, the quality of which has never been matched, from an Aboriginal Canadian shop when visiting family in Canada at the age of 11, but that's another story.

Their members are Anton Parr (originally of Brazil) on vocals, Yannick Pilon on guitar and vocals, Pat Gordon on guitar, Gary Lyons on bass and Brian Craig on drums.

All members are seasoned metal artists who have graced the stages along with the likes of Korn, Marilyn Manson, Suicidal Tendancies and the almighty, glorious Testament (I am a bit of a fan!)

It's safe to say, these guys can play a bit.


They are a Stoner, beer chugging, fun time metal band through and through. Their music has all the awesome riffage and crash symbol smashing delivery you could ever ask for.
Taking this all into account, it'll be no surprise to my regular readers that I'm a bit if a fan!

The drum work is worth mentioning on it's own to start. I get the impression Brian's past work may have been in some more speed orientated and more aggressive metal. Whether this is correct or not, the drum work is something I particularly enjoy in their music. Whilst there's all the behind the beat stuff I like to hear, some of the speedy fills and rolls (I'm not taking about sandwiches but I am getting hungry) add a real intensity and grit to the songs.

This does not take away from the performances of any of the other guys though, there is quality writing and performance in every song I have heard. There's not a single boring riff or pointless solo, everything has it's place.

What ultimately sets Buffallo Theory MTL apart from many Stoner bands for me is the vocal delivery, which unsurprisingly given Anton's heritage, has a Brazilian thrash feel and at times a classic Punk influence that goes hand in hand with thrash. It's a different and refreshing addition to the genre.

EP: Skeptic Knight

Skeptic Knight opens with the almost locomotive chugging of Conspiracy in Paronaland. The vocal delivery harks back to Johnny Rotten in parts.

Punishment is more thrash meets Stoner and they make little chilled but occasionally ADHD babies. Every time I hear the opening I pull the grimacing "fuck yeah" face metal heads pull when they're really into a riff. When I'm in company people think I'm constipated, but in fact I'm just enjoying the pace, aggression and class delivery of this song.

Get On It sounds like an invite to come and get drunk, and it seems lyrically that was the intention. The riff, randomly, initially reminded me of Prisonsex by Tool, just faster and more upbeat. Whether I'm completely insane or not with that comparison, what it does have is a tempo, riff and lyrical repetition that works in making you want to get up and  groove and shout the lyrics back at Anton at the same time.

The title track, Skeptic Knight, has a classic Doom intro, before breaking into a snare driven headbanger. The riff is king in this song, it's impossible not to get pulled physically into the rhythm of the song and want to head bang like a chicken at feed time.

Psychic Enclosure has a clear groove feel. There's no unnecessary fills or attempts to drag this out. Its short, sweet to the point, with a good solo. The very last note leaves you expecting, and wanting, more.


The EP is a grower. On first listen I enjoyed it but was most taken by the brilliance of Punishment. It's still my favourite song but the other tracks, probably mostly Psychic Enclosure and Get On It, grow in stature with every listen.

It's well worth the £2.92 outlay on bandcamp. I'd also suggest you pick up their Triple Single EP Murder Trilogy for what ever price you wish to name as it's another excellent release. Murder Trilogy is 3 songs, 3 languages and spawned this excellent video.


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