Friday, 4 November 2016

Gravehuffer - Your Fault

Crust is a term I seemed to have missed on my musical journey. And no I don't mean the best, most tasty slice of bread, or the strange gritty stuff you find when picking your belly button. I mean the musical genre!  Whislt this is the case, the style is very familiar, a dirty bastard offspring of extreme metal, hardcore, anarchic punk with a sprinkle of New Wave Of British Heavy Metal.

Gravehuffer are a self described 'Crusty Metal' band from Joplin, Missouri we received the upcoming release of their album 'Your Fault' to review.

Your Fault 

Opening with what sounds to me like the sounds of someone enterering a graveyard, digging a grave and then using it for an unsuspecting victim , you kind of get the idea of the kind of imigary the band are about. Gravehuffer (the first track) flits between slower chugged out riffs, thrashy melodic lines, blasted out extreme metal and even groove all of which sound pretty awesome.

Of Fish And Men, Dead Peace and Death Caprice definately show a more 'punk' ethic approach, having hallmarks of classic punk delivery musically and vocally whilst remaining very heavy and aggresive. This is Crust through and through and I think will be a treat for fans of the specific genre.

The main riff in Kill for Sport is so good, it is made to move to and forms the highlight of a decent track. But the winner on awesome riffage all the way through has to be he monumental Destroyer Of Worlds. Great riffs, heavy as a an Anchor in the temple and an awesome breakdown. This for me is the most complete track on the album.

Destroyer Of Worlds is closely followed by Worms Of God with its heavy mechanical riff and psychotic short guitar solo towards the end and Prince With A Thousand Enemies which is full of thrash intent, as two more highlights on the album for me.

Gravehuffer, genre wise, cover a lot of ground on this album and Chains Around You kind of brings this all together in one track. It nicely reminds you of what you've just heard through the last 10 tracks rounding the album off nicely.


Kudos has to go to Gravehuffers drummer, who gives a powerful performance throughout. Also some of the riffs on display are simply brilliant. I can't see it being anything other than a hit amongst fans of Crust, Extreme Metal even Thrash and whilst not all to my personal taste had enough to keep me listening and wanting to hear what was next. I for one will be following these guys as a fan from now on.

Score 4/5

You will be able PreOrder the album soon via Swamp Metal Records so get following Gravehuffer on Facebook and Twitter and have a spin of this when it comes out on these formats;

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