Friday, 27 May 2016

The Playlist Post

"What has Jonny been listening to since his last article?" I hear you all ask.

Well I don't as I'm not telepathic and I'm certain you don't really care. But, if you're reading this, what you do like is good music, and this article has it.

So without further ado, here's whats been on my playlist the last couple of weeks....

Band: Kublai Khan
Track: Smoke and Mirrors.
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I love the groove of this, vocally intense throughout, it's a hard hitting and enjoyable track.

Band: Black Tusk
Track: Truth Untold
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A band I haven't been able to get enough of since I saw them support Black Label Society a couple of years ago, brilliant live band and this is a great song and video.

Band: Gravel Drag
Track: We're on Kill
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Very good instrumental riffers from Bedford, Virginia. I haven't been able to stop listening to their Album Sly Fox since buying it and dare say I'll be listening for some time to come. These guys are a must listen for any fans of great guitar riffs, no matter the genre.

Band: Sikth
Track: Hold My Finger
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For me one of the best bands the UK has produced! That is all..... Actually it's not all, you must buy their new album now, it's incredible. Now that is all.

Band: The Black Swamp
Track: Cold Dead Hands
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The subject of my last article, are they that good? Yes they are and I cant stop listening to this. Groovy, Sludgy awesomeness. You have to get their forthcoming LP on your wishlist.

Band: Montezuma's Revenge
Track: Dead Frost
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The incredible sludge band from Moscow's album is not getting old. This artistic video showcases what they are about. Artistic, Riffing, Sludgy perfection. It is no wonder they're in such demand with Sludge titans such as Down, Crowbar and Eyehategod. Like them? Read more.

Band: Idlewar
Track: Feel the Pain
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Just when I thought these guys would be preparing to have a quiet period before releasing an LP and invading the UK with a tour, they unleash this brilliant video to go along with the equally excellent track from their EP Dig In. If you like this, read more here.

Band: Crowbar
Track: Symmetry in White
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One of my favourite "Album" bands, The Riff Lord just keeps delivering and I generally can't go a couple of weeks without having a binge.

Band: Sepultura
Track: Inner Self
Find them: It's Sepultura, if you don't know where to find them, I'm not telling you

I've been rekindling my love for Sepultura of late, being more of a fan of their pre Roots stuff I've been especially enjoying this track.

Plenty of well knowns and hopefully a couple of new discoveries for those reading this. Please get behind the bands you like, if you like any.

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